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Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and we understand that you have concerns. Our privacy policy outlines exactly what type of information we collect from you, the user, and what we do with that information.

All information that is gathered on our website is used only for the purposes outlined in the Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to alter our Privacy Policy and update the information as needed and without notice. Users should read any and all changes in policy and take it upon themselves to check for changes to the policy.

The Privacy Policy listed below is in effect immediately, and has been in effect since 1st March 2009.

What Type of Information Might We Ask For?

We may ask you for specific information including but not always limited to:

  • Your name
  • Contact information
  • Email address
  • Employment status
  • Job title
  • Personal preferences and interests
  • Town, city, or postal code of your residence
  • Any information that is relevant to delivering a more personalized web service, survey information, or special offers

What Happens to Your Personal Information?

We may ask you for your information so that our website can grow and change with its users. The information you provide for us can help us build a better website for all of our users. We do this in many ways, including:

  • Storing your information for future reference
  • Using your information to identify services and/or products that will more directly benefit users in your demographics (age, interest groups, etc.)
  • Contacting users through the offered email address in order to include them in money saving, promotional, or special offers that match their personal information and interest choices
  • Users may be contacted via email, phone, or fax numbers provided to participate on a volunteer basis in our own market research
  • Information provided may help us provide direct personalization of the website pages

Protecting Your Information

We do store personal information and we have taken all reasonable and adequate steps to ensure that your information remains secure. Our website is monitored and secured by physical and electronic security as well as implemented owner/operator procedures and techniques.

How We Use Cookies and Why They are Necessary

We use cookies, as nearly all websites do, to gather and assess information that will help us improve our website for the user. Cookies are permission based files that send specific information from the user’s computer back to the website owner/operator. This information is then used to determine what types of internet based information the user finds useful. Cookies can be used to determine overall information or they can be designed to help target specific information. Since the user gives permission for the use of the cookies, it is assumed that the user is aware and in agreement with its intended purpose.

Once we have acquired the necessary information from the data delivered by the cookies the information is then deleted from our system. The information that is obtained is done so without the use of personal identifiable information. We gather information that is used strictly for unidentified user statistic data analysis.

All users are able to reject the placement of cookies on their computer’s hard drive. Doing so may results in difficulty viewing the website in its entirety, including but not limited to loss of graphics, rejection of information entered, and website search features.

Websites Linked to Our Website

Links are a very common way to expand the information available to users. Links provide easy access to websites with similar themes or products and are placed on our website for the user’s convenience. Clicking on a link that is hosted on our website removes the user from our site. We do not, in any way, share responsibility with linked websites. Each linked website has its own privacy policy, terms of use, and applicable conditions for its use. These policies are not interchangeable through linked websites.

User Control of Personal Information

Users have the right to eliminate their information from marketing and surveying campaigns. Pages that collect personal information also have a box to actively select which denies the website the ability to contact them for marketing or promotional purposes. Any user can also make this request by contacting our website managers directly via the contact us page and submitting their request through email.

Our website owners/operators do not sell the user’s personal information without permission. We do not lease users’ personal information, nor do we distribute personal information without permission. The exception to our privacy policies includes distribution required by law, cooperation with law enforcement agencies, and cooperation with court mandated distribution.

All users have a right to request a copy of the information that has been obtained through the use of cookies and personal information pages for a small fee. A copy can be distributed directly to the user by contacting us and making a written request via email.

All users also have the right to correct any information that may not be accurate. If a user believes that misinformation on them is being held through our website, they need only to contact us about said information and ask for it to be removed or corrected, which ever is applicable.


The owners/operators of this website make every effort to keep all information as accurate as possible. However, there are no implied or expressed guaranteed that any information found on this website will be accurate. Timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and suitability are not guaranteed as the information provided is for general public use only. All users agree and assume that use of any and all information or material is done so at his or her own risk.

All users agree that this website shall be held harmless from any and all claims and damages, without limitation, in the event of loss or perceived loss in relation to the website. Any loss of personal information or any connection to the profits made therein are not the responsibility or liability of the website. Users agree to hold harmless without limitation the website owners and operators from fraudulent use of personal information by a third party.

The user agrees and accepts that linked websites are not condoned, shared, or otherwise connected to this website. The availability of linked websites is provided for user purposes only and we shall be held harmless for their content, images, and use of personal information, as well as other loss or damages connected with linked websites.

All users agree to hold harmless the website owners and operators for any failure of function that may occur on the website. We make every effort to be sure that the website is available at all times, and failure of operation due to technical issues or circumstances beyond our control is not our liability.

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