Lamb Grill Selection

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lamb grill selection
Lamb is the favoured meat for many people and with this Donald Russell hamper it’s not hard to know why! Their lamb is a tasty treat that is full of flavour and is of the highest quality. All of Donald Russell’s lamb is kept outdoors where it has a contented, natural life and it is the top quality grass which gives it its excellent flavour.

This meat box/hamper is filled with delicious treats like lamb loins, noisettes, fillets, valentine steaks, crown chops and not forgetting everyones favourite, rack of lamb. All these meats are perfect for roasting, pan frying and grilling. This luxury meat hamper is fabulous value and excellent quality but don’t just take our word for it, click through and read the review Donald Russell receive about their produce.

Contents include:

  • 2 French Trimmed Racks of Lamb, individually packed (minimum pack weight 440g)
  • A pack of 4 Lamb Noisettes (minimum pack weight 280g)
  • 2 individually packed Lamb Loins & Fat (minimum pack weight 190g)
  • A pack of 4 Lamb Valentine Steaks (minimum pack weight 360g)
  • 2 individually packed Lamb Crown Chops (minimum pack weight 190g)
  • 1 pack of of Lamb fillets (minimum pack weight 440g)

Servings: 14

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