Boneless Leg of lamb (Sml / Med / Lrg)

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Product Information

Boneless Leg of LambLamb isn’t traditionally seen as a Christmas lunch meal but why not! Its many people’s favourite meat, so why not have it for your Christmas meal. I think the reason lamb isn’t a more sort after Christmas dinner centrepiece is because it’s difficult to carve.

Christmas is hard enough work without making it even harder for yourself, but with this boneless leg of lamb from Donald Russell the hard work has been totally alleviated. Their fabulous butchers skilfully tunnel bone out the leg of lamb which gives much presentation to the joint and makes carving a dream for you. The lamb is fed on top quality grass which makes for an excellent flavour but just don’t take our word for it click through and read the fabulous reviews this boneless lamb leg gets. This lamb joint will feed 7 people and will weigh a minimum 1.6kg.

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